tramadol versus vicodin

Tramadol and Vicodin : A Side by Side Comparison

Tramadol and Vicodin both are pain relievers, and both should be got only by using a proper online prescription. Hydrocodone is used primarily for the pain that is very much severe, and it is very much efficient when compared to that of Ultram and other pain relievers. The acetaminophen drug is partially synthetic, but Ultram is entirely synthetic.

Tramadol vs. Vicodin – What’s the difference?

tramadol versus vicodinAlthough Vicodin might be much effective than Ultram in treating pain, the effect of this drug is less when compared to Kadian drug. From this, it is understood that these two medicines are less addictive and the withdrawal symptoms also will be less here. Both of these drugs should not be taken along with alcohol and it should not be consumed along with any other drugs as it might result in various adverse reactions. Tramadol is not a combination of any substance; it is a single component. But the acetaminophen is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Acetaminophen is also used to reduce the fever along with the pain reduction. The main difference is that Ultram is used to deal with moderate to severe levels of pain. But Vicodin is used to treat only mild to average levels of pain. The dosage should be administered adequately for both of the drugs. The maximum dosage is just up to 400 Milligrams for Ultram, but hydrocodone is a combination of two substance and the dosage level of both varies, and maintain hydrocodone at 10 mg and acetaminophen should be retained at 300 mg. Both the drugs shouldn’t be withdrawn without doctor’s advise as their withdrawal symptoms would be severe. Their side effects and withdrawal symptoms would more or less be the same, but hydrocodone side effects would be more hazardous.

How Tramadol is beneficial than Vicodin?

Ultram is somewhat less effective when compared to hydrocodone, and hence it is less addictive, and accordingly, this could be preferred for treating with pain. When overdosed both resultants would be severe, but Ultram adverse effects would be less than acetaminophen. Ultram’s calming effect is less when compared to that of the hydrocodone and acetaminophen. One of the main reason that Ultram is beneficial when compared to other drugs is it treats with depression. Comparatively the risk factors would be less in Tramadol on comparison with hydrocodone. And the cost of Tramadol is also less when compared to acetaminophen rate.
Vicodin is used to treat only moderate pain, and it is very much effective but whereas the other drug is less efficient and less addictive than that and it is used to treat all levels of pain.
Thus Tramadol serves to be much beneficial when compared to that of Vicodin because both are used to treat pain, but hydrocodone is very much addictive and leads to severe adverse reactions when overdosed. Hence, when a patient is suffering from pain, it is better to prefer Ultram.