What are the available Tramadol dosage strengths?

Tramadol dosage strengthTramadol as a sedative for pain relief should be considered only according to the dosages. It should not overdose as it might lead to problems. Dose varies according to a person’s age. In the USA the available Tramadol dosage strengths are 50mg, 100mg, 150 mg, and 200mg. The dosage strength usually depends on the severity of pain that a person suffers. If the pain is severe the amount of medication that a doctor prescribes might also be higher, but the dose just depends on how a person’s body reacts to the pain reliever because some people might get affected when you use the overdosed medication. Tramadol dosage for adult and children, the amount will differ. The following page will give you a clear explanation about the various the complete dosages that are available.

The dose will be less only if the person is consuming some other drug simultaneously at that time or if he has any liver problems. The amount of medication will be higher if the pain is high. For every pain, the amount will differ. For acute pain, the portion of drugs would be different, and for severe pains, the amount would be contrasting. If the pain is the minimum, the doctor might prescribe an amount of 25 mg initially. A maximum of 50 to 100 mg only will be specified for a person. On a daily basis, a person should not consume more than 400 mg per day. Highest dosage of tramadol is only 400 mg.If he crosses that limit, he might be overdosed and have to face many side effects. So the maintenance of the dose is essential before using this drug. Tramadol should be taken only three times per day and not more than that.

How dosage differs for each age group?

Tramadol 50 mg dosage will be changing according to the age group. Age from 18 to 65 could consume this drug. The amount they could ingest is up to 100 mg, and initially, the recommended portion is only 50 mg, and gradually it might be increased to 100mg if the pain is severe. For chronic pain initially, it is set as 100 mg, and the portion will increase after five days to be more efficient. The children those who are in the age group of 4 to 16 should take only 1 mg and it could take just three times per day and should not cross that. The aged people those who are above the age of 75 will be sensitive to such pain-relieving drugs and hence their body would conflict when compared to the other age group people, and thus they should not cross 300mg per day and should take only three times per day.To be on safer side 200 mg could be preferred. The dose should not exceed unless it is necessary. The patients who have cirrhosis should take only 25 mg orally.Not only for humans Tramadol dosage for dogs are also available.

Doses should be adjusted as per the pain intensity and the person’s age. Thus to find the most effective and safe Tramadol dosage, there are various titration trials. The main thing that is to be followed is the dosage should be taken regularly according to doctors advice and should follow the prescription.